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Gilda's engaging, high-energy programs will make your next meeting or event more successful and results-focused

All of Gilda's sessions are customized in collaboration with you and based on the needs and background of your specific audience, from small business owners to corporate executives, frontline staff to leaders.  Here is a partial listing of Gilda's speeches:

How Will You Spend Your 28,000 Days?

Don't wait for a life-changing crisis to create the life and career that fulfills you most. In this motivating session, illustrated by Gilda's experience of being in the path of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, you'll gain a vivid understanding of the importance of priorities in life and work.


  • Being challenged to consider how you choose to spend time
  • Understanding how to break out of your comfort zone
  • Focusing on important priorities in life and work
  • Avoiding career burnout by recommitting to your career or making a change

After this talk, you won't want to spend another thousand of your estimated 28,000 lifespan days complaining and making yourself and others around you miserable -- and you'll be on your way to making important changes happen so you can live a more inspired life.


How to Connect With Confidence 

For all the opportunities you have to connect with others, whether through networking, presentations or meetings, confidence is crucial to your success.  In order to have people listen to you and take your ideas seriously, you have to present the right amount of information, with clear and focused organization, delivered in a credible and engaging manner.


  • Develop and communicate self-confidence
  • Express your message clearly and concisely
  • Create an effective process for preparing and practicing your content and delivery
  • Use powerful body language (voice, gestures, movement, eye contact) to engage your audience 

Developing Leadership Presence: Confidence, Competence and Composure
Gilda Bonanno Speaking

Great leaders are made, not born. In order to be successful as a leader, you have to know what you're talking about and come across as credible,demonstrate confidence without being perceived as cocky and maintain your self-control, especially under pressure. Whether you are managing change, dealing with people issues or setting strategic direction,you have a greater chance of achieving your goals if you can calmly and confidently tap into your knowledge and expertise.


  • Learn how to communicate like a leader and be authentic, engaging and focused
  • Prevent your non-verbal communication from undermining your message
  • Demonstrate your expertise and establish credibility
  • Discover how to react quickly and effectively to the unexpected



Leading and Managing Change and Transformation With Integrity, Imagination & Flexibility

The biggest challenge that organizations face today is the inability to deal effectively with change, whether external (the market, customer base or regulations) or internal (systems, organization, employee needs).  

In this interactive session, the focus is on successfully leading your team and organiation through change and transformation by:

  • communicating early, often and truthfully
  • encouraging and welcoming creative and contrary input from your employees
  • being willing to step out of your own comfort zone


  • Learn how your credible and authentic communication can help employees work through change
  • Discover how to create an environment that engages and encourages employees to develop inventive solutions
  • Demonstrate your ability to lead by example and respond quickly and confidently to change
  • Develop a coherent and strategic communication plan



Bold Presentation Skills 

(customized for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners - can be customized for other audiences)

Boldness means being confident, distinctive and imaginative.  Bold presentation skills are a key skill for Gilda Bonanno Speakingentrepreneurial success, whether you are introducing yourself at networking events, speaking to potential clients or sharing your expertise at industry association meetings.


  • Develop and communicate self-confidence
  • Use powerful and engaging body language (voice, gestures, movement, eye contact) to connect to your audience and convey your expert content
  • Step out of your comfort zone and overcome any anxieties you have about public speaking
  • Create and practice relevant and memorable content (stories, product demos) in order to stand out and build your unique brand

How to Schmooze

Gilda Bonanno winning Speaking Award
Hate networking events because you never know what to say or do? Do you get stuck talking to the one person in the room that you know? Whether you're a recent grad looking for a job, a mid-career professional seeking to earn a promotion or get new clients, or a senior professional transitioning to new opportunities, networking is a key ingredient of your success.  

In this interactive and fun session, you learn the techniques of successful networking so you can schmooze with ease. Learn the secrets of being a master schmoozer, including how to listen and think on your feet, how to harness the power of non-verbal communications and how to deal with difficult people, like the obnoxious egotist and the boring timehog.


  • Learn how to make schmoozing/networking work for you to build a consistent and clear personal brand
  • Create a workable process to successfully manage everything from planning through following up
  • Prevent your body language from undermining what you're saying
  • Become more comfortable handling commonly encountered networking dilemmas, such as breaking into a networking conversation and making a graceful exit

The Improvisational Leader: Applying Five Improv Comedy Rules to Make Your Business Communication More Effective and Engaging

Gilda Bonanno Speaking

In order to be successful as a leader, you have to trust yourself in the moment and step out of your comfort zone, whether you’re dealing with your team, leading a strategic initiative or interacting with stakeholders. This engaging and interactive session includes improv exercises and real-world business examples from Gilda Bonanno’s unique combination of experience as a corporate project manager, leadership development trainer, communication skills coach and improv comedy performer. mfort zone, whether you’re dealing with your team, leading a strategic initiative or interacting with 

Learn how to apply the principles of improv comedy to develop your leadership skills so you can:

  • React quickly and effectively to change
  • Become more comfortable with moving out of your comfort zone to develop your own creativity
  • Solve tough business problems by creating an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration
  • Be fully present and increase employee engagement through credible and authentic communication
  • Demonstrate executive presence
Why should you hire Gilda to speak at your next event?
  • Tailors the message to your industry, organization or business environment so that people can apply what they've learned, resulting in stronger performance, happier customers and more engaged employees
  • Conveys a keen understanding of the challenges that people in the audience are confronting, based on her real-world work experience in corporate, academic, government, nonprofit and entrepreneurial environments
  • Knows how to connect with any audience -has received accolades from audiences throughout North America and in Europe, China and India, and her popular biweekly electronic newsletter has subscribers in 45 countries
  • Engages the audience with stories and interaction rather than putting them to sleep with boring PowerPoint slides
  • Combines extensive real-world business experience with a background in improv comedy - one person described her as "a person with credentials and wisdom who is also funny"
  • Provides practical tools and ideas which people can use immediately to make changes happen and which will continue to yield positive results long after your meeting or event is over
  • Offers proven and pragmatic strategies and tactics for communication and leadership success that will help people leverage their existing skills and take them to the next level
  • See below for what others have said about Gilda...

Email Gilda or call 203-979-5117 to inquire about Gilda's availability or if you'd like her to speak on other topics not listed here.

Speeches can be presented as keynotes or concurrent/breakout sessions and can be made longer or shorter depending on your time frame and can include audience Q&A.  Programs can also be expanded to become longer workshops and most can be offered remotely via webinar, streaming video or teleconference. 

Gilda can also serve as Emcee for your event, Facilitator for your meeting or Moderator for your panel. 

To see Gilda in action, check out the videos on her YouTube channel, including: 

Success Inspiration Speaker: In the Path of the 2004 Tsunami

Powerful Presentation Skills: Use Non-Verbals Effectively

How to Deliver Bad News About a Failed Project 

Find out about Gilda's Training & Workshops and 
Individual Coaching.




Gilda did a fantastic job

"Gilda spoke at our annual SNEC-PMI Conference this past April. She did a fantastic job at making the audience think about what is important to them, and how life is too short (~28,000 days) to delay goals. I highly recommend that you hire Gilda as a speaker, and/or for your organization’s training needs. She’s a very effective speaker."

Fred Johnson, Southern New England Chapter of PMI, Board of Directors & Program Manager, Climate, Controls & Security, United Technologies (UTC)





Thrilled to work with Gilda

"The Office of Alumni Relations at Marist College was thrilled to work with Gilda Bonanno to offer a 'How to Schmooze' workshop for our alumni. She provided practical and hands-on advice for putting your best foot forward and building bigger and stronger networks. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Gilda again in the future!"

Bobbi Sue Tellitocci, Associate Director, Alumni and Donor Programs, Marist College





Her energy, enthusiasm and humor engaged the audience

"We invited Gilda to present "Bold Presentation Skills for Women in Business" for our Women's Leadership Council event.  She did a fantastic job! Her energy, enthusiasm and humor engaged the audience and she provided coaching tips that are easy to incorporate into our presentations. The feedback from the attendees was very positive - each woman  walked away with specific ideas to make her presentations more confident, memorable and powerful. We look forward to inviting Gilda back to speak to us again."

Lisa Labella, Executive Director, Women's Leadership Council, Bridgeport Regional Business Council affiliate



Passionate, powerful, erudite

"'Passionate, convincing, powerful' are the words that come to mind as you listen to Gilda Bonanno, the erudite speaker, on her recent talk titled "Bold Presentation Skills for Project Managers" given at the PMI Central MA chapter."

Suresh Nadig, Director of Meetings, PMI Central Mass



High level of expertise

"Gilda Bonanno is a consummate professional willing to share her high level of expertise in networking with any size or type of business group. Her methods appeal to the entrepreneur or the seasoned veteran or mid-career individual, crossing multiple generations. in addition, Gilda provides tangible strategies to implement right away. I highly recommend Gilda to help your business put its best foot forward."

Linda Burhance, Owner, Apparel Development Consulting





Provided actions the attendees could use - inventive and engrossing presentation

“I have heard Gilda speak several times and she is an extremely engaging and well prepared presenter. She winningly applies the guidelines that she recommends in her newsletters, blogs and coaching sessions. As the closing keynote speaker for the 2011 Conference of the Southern New England Chapter of PMI, Gilda demonstrated her best practices by showing her confidence, influence and successful methodology for her session on “How Will You Spend Your 28,000 Days?” She provided real life experiences of techniques she has used and provided actions that the attendees could use. It was a very inventive and engrossing presentation.”

Laura Frank, Project Manager, Synapse Group


Gilda had her audience riveted

"It was a tremendous thrill getting to work with and host Gilda Bonanno, who was the featured speaker at Dominican College’s President’s Lecture Series in November 2013. Gilda’s commanding narrative of her experiences had the audience of mostly high school and college students riveted. Additionally, Gilda’s strategies for enhancing communication skills and maximizing opportunities were especially helpful to the adolescents in attendance, particularly in today's economic climate.


Working with Gilda proved to be one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had hosting speakers. She is a consummate professional, generous with her time and someone whose passion for what she does is contagious in the best of ways!"

Matt Robertson, Host and Organizer, President's Lecture Series, Dominican College


Engaging, entertaining and enlightening stories and exercises
"We had asked Gilda to provide an inspirational and motivational talk for our group of over 50 administrative associates on Administrative Associates Appreciation Day. Gilda did an outstanding job of engaging, entertaining, and enlightening the audience with stories and exercises regarding trust, fear, aspirations, and success stories. The audience was very appreciative of her talk and left feeling invigorated and motivated."
Jack A. Grebb, M.D., Vice President, Neuroscience Global Clinical Research Bristol-Myers Squibb Research & Development


Valuable ideas - I walked away with insights I can use

“I had the pleasure of attending Gilda's presentation, “Bold Presentation Skills for Project Managers.” She was very engaging and shared valuable ideas on business communication. I walked away with insights that I can use at my professional presentations. I really liked her examples and the fact that she didn’t use slides. She was very precise in sharing her ideas and I am sure the other attendees felt the same. I have a presentation coming up and plan to take her advice about not having verbose slides and instead use more images and graphs/charts that speak to the audience. I would love to have the opportunity to hear her speak again.”

Mafruha Haque, District Manager, Kelly IT Resources at Kelly Services



Educational and entertaining
"Congratulations on the excellent presentation given at the SNEC conference. Presentation skills are so basic to what a project manager does it continues to amaze me that there is so little emphasis on such a critical PM tool. Your presentation was very entertaining as well as educational - the best kind! Thank you for your excellent contribution to the conference attendees."
Dick Kennedy, Director of Corporate Sponsorship, PMI Central Mass


Incredible ability to speak to, train and motivate a group
The exercises were fun and interactive while still delivering a very important message. Thank you for your time and energy in, once again, delivering a top notch presentation. If there ever is a time I can recommend you and your incredible ability to speak to, train and motivate a group, please feel free to have your client contact me.
Nancy Margiano-Sylvester, Vice President of Training and Development & Recruiting, Family Security Plan



Gilda was engaging, effective and enjoyable
"Gilda, A most sincere thanks for presenting to our MCAICT group on March 26th. I thought you did a great job engaging the audience. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and get something out of it! I borrowed your half-life idea and presented it with credit to you at our Toastmaster meeting that Friday. They enjoyed it, too. You have a nice easy style of presenting that is effective, yet friendly. I'll certainly keep you in mind to refer to others."
Diane Ploch, Media Communications Association of CT

Universal message needed by senior corporate audiences
"Gilda did an outstanding job in presenting to our administrative assistant staff. She took on a potentially touchy subject, fear and empowerment in the workplace, with humor, energy and tact. She leveraged her experience as an administrative assistant optimally. I believe her messages are universal and would be welcome, and much needed, by other, more senior, audiences. Gilda is very entertaining and thought provoking."
Doug J. Manion, M.D., Vice President, Viral Diseases Global Clinical Research Bristol-Myers Squibb Research & Development

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