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Gilda Bonanno helps you transform your communication and leadership skills so you can have more confidence, influence and success. She has worked with leading organizations on four continents from Chicago to Shanghai and Rio to Rome.

Since 2006, Gilda has run a successful business that reaches countless people globally.  She has delivered thousands of in-person programs, her YouTube channel has received over 1 million views and her digital newsletter has reached subscribers in over 45 countries since 2008.


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This 13-page report gives you the steps to follow in order to become a confident speaker, from replacing that negative voice in your head to managing your body language to how to practice.   

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  • How to Give an Excellent Presentation

  • 5 FAQ About Using Eye Contact

  • How to Introduce Yourself Quickly

  • Answering Questions Without Losing Control of Your Time

  • Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Subscribe now and also receive a second Bonus FREE Special Report, "Six Mistakes to Avoid in Public Speaking, So Your Presentation Sparkles." This 8-page report is for anyone who wants to develop more effective presentation skills. It includes tips on how to steer clear of common slip-ups such as using filler words and going over the time limit.

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