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Executive Presentation Skills 


Gilda's typical client results - learn how to:


  • Speak with confidence
  • Connect with your audience
  • Use non-verbal communications (body language)
  • Stay within the time limit
  • Present your best self
  • Eliminate ums, ahs and filler words
  • Use PowerPoint® effectively
  • Speak extemporaneously
  • Handle audience questions
  • Incorporate stories into your speeches
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Increase your confidence, influence & success


Gilda has an established track record of one-on-one coaching partnerships with employees at all levels of an organization to improve their presentation skills.     

Gilda offers one-on-one presentation skills coaching in a variety of formats:
  • In-person Coaching: Current locations include
    • Fairfield County, CT, including Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk
    • New York, NY
    • and the surrounding regions.
  • Virtual Coaching: Live coaching from Gilda over the internet using Skype video.
  • Phone Coaching About Your Video, Teleconference or Webinar: Send Gilda your video file or link to your YouTube video, she will review it and provide you feedback over the phone.  Or have Gilda listen in on your teleconference or webinar and then provide you feedback over the phone.
  •  Coaching on Retainer: Have access to Gilda's coaching whenever you need it.  She will be on-call whenever you need help with your presentations (minimum 3-month term).


Coaching can be purchased as individual sessions, multi-session packages, full-day or retainer.
Who can benefit from Gilda's presentation skills coaching?

Everyone who gives presentations, regardless of whether you are an executive or entrepreneur in corporate, non-profit, academia or government. Gilda has helped clients such as:

  • CEO of a non-profit organization write and deliver testimony in front of a U.S. Senate subcommittee
  • Private banking executive improve her networking skills to build better client relationships
  • Sales executive improve his telephone communication skills to increase his quarterly sales
  • Entrepreneur polish his pitch to ask for funding from angel investors
  • Sales executive organize her material to lead a global webinar for a key client
  • Foundation executive practice her award acceptance speech for an awards banquet
  • Designer improve her non-verbal communications for an industry conference presentation
  • Engineer prepare a project update for the management team at global headquarters
  • Business author improve his stage presence for his book tour
  • Doctor redesign his slides for a presentation to his peers
  • Entrepreneur design and deliver her first workshop

    Click here for press coverage of Gilda working with a client to prepare her testimony before a U.S. Senate Committee.

    Read Coaching Case Studies to understand how Gilda helps her clients with customized, individual coaching. 


With Gilda, you will see results

"Gilda was a great resource in developing my presentation skills. She simplifies things so that they can easily be remembered and implemented. Not only that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. If you are looking for an organized, honest coach, look no further. You will see results!"

Joe Ort, Director of Sales Operations 


Gilda helped me step up my game

"After just a few sessions together, Gilda pointed me in the right direction. She uncovered some bad habits and replaced them with new and effective ones that today are helping me to convert prospect in to clients. Gilda has helped me to organize my thoughts and plan out my presentations so that I am better prepared and more confident. I am grateful to Gilda and for the help she has given me to become a more effective salesperson."

Judith Giangoia, Private Banker/Vice President, Wells Fargo Private Bank, New York 


Gilda helped me see the LIGHT

"If you want a good presentation and you need to start from zero, get Gilda as your coach. She talks you through it, gets you into the process and helps you see the LIGHT. As I begin my fourth semester of Columbia University's Master's program, I still get butterflies, but I know I can get through it by engaging in the process of learning how to do things the right way and getting better at them.Practice, practice, practice - that was the key that Gilda taught me."

Pat Miller, Landscape Designer


Why hire Gilda as your coach?

Gilda has worked with a wide range of clients and believes that with the right training

and practice, anyone can become a more effective communicator.


Global experience 

Gilda has worked with businesspeople throughout North America and in South America,

Europe, China, Thailand and India.

 Speaker, Trainer & Coach Gilda Bonanno

Business background

Her previous work experience in the pharmaceutical and information technology industries gives her a keen understanding of the challenges facing businesses. She is a certified Project Management Practitioner (PMP), has a certificate in Process Reengineering and holds an 

Advanced Business Certificate in Management from the University of Connecticut School of Business. Her expertise in process improvement and project management allows her to help clients use their communication and presentation skills to solve business problems.


Recognized expert who has worked with major clients

Gilda has worked with people at Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations and small

businesses including: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wells Fargo, Praxair, GE Capital, Northeast

Utilities, United Illuminating, The Hartford and Hamilton Sundstrand.


She has delivered speeches for numerous professional associations, including: Association forGilda Bonanno and Fran Pastore in front of the U.S. Capitol

Talent Development (formerly ASTD), American Women's Business Association (AWBA), National Speakers Association (NSA), Project Management Institute (PMI), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Toastmasters International.


Gilda authored a chapter in Paid to Speak: Best Practices for Building a Successful Speaking Business, a book published in 2011 by the National Speakers Association, the premier association for professional speakers in the United States.Fellow authors included speaking luminaries such as Nido Quebein, Lou Heckler and Glenna Salsbury.


Gilda's coaching is customized, focused, practical and supportive

Gilda will design a coaching program that is tailored to your individual needs.We will discuss the kind of presentations you give, what works well already and what you'd like to work on.  You'll deliver a few minutes of a sample presentation so Gilda can make a baseline evaluation of your skills and work with you to establish three or four goals that will have maximum impact.


You'll begin working on them right away using specific exercises and in-between session practice.  We'll measure your improvement after each session and when we conclude our coaching engagement, Gilda will provide you with a roadmap for continued skill development and reinforcement.

Next Steps

Learn more about how Gilda's coaching can help you reach your goals - email Gilda today or call 203-979-5117.


Read more about how Gilda helps her clients with customized, individual coaching in the Coaching Case Studies.

Also, subscribe now to Gilda's free, twice-monthly communications e-newsletter - and

receive a FREE Special Report, "Seven Steps to Confident Public Speaking." 


And, check out Gilda's blog and view Gilda's videos.


Get on the waiting list for Gilda's next coaching program in 2016 - Virtual Presentations: How to

Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation Over the Phone - Click here for details



(Many of Gilda's executive coaching clients prefer to remain confidential.) 


Before working with Gilda, I was nervous and unpolished

"As a Virtual Assistant who is relatively new to producing webinars, I was nervous and unpolished in delivering my workshop introduction and lacked a clear purpose for my comments. Gilda helped me isolate what was important to my presentation, while giving me great ideas for transitions and otherwise awkward moments. Gilda has been a pleasure to work with."

Jennifer Werner, Owner, Executive Assistance




Professional manner, calm presence and sense of humor

"Gilda Bonanno took me from A to Z in the process of preparing and delivering presentations.

Her professional manner, calm presence, sense of humor and encouragement helped

me to overcome my fear of the public speaking experience. Gilda supported me through

 the planning, writing, visual, presenting and follow up segments. She provided a wealth of

information and ideas - always keeping in mind not only my needs, but also those of my

audience. It has been my pleasure to recommend Gilda to my peers because of the

high quality of her service."

Ruth Ann DeSantis, Certified Life Coach


I learned how to deliver my message powerfully

"As someone heading off to my first national conference presentation, I began the coaching journey with a lack of confidence that I truthfully thought I would never overcome. With my experience working with Gilda on Skype and the phone for a few months, not only did I overcome my lack of confidence, but I have learned how to deliver my message powerfully. In the end my presentation was organized and powerful and I was confident and clear.  Gilda leaves you with the confidence to expand and leave your comfort zone which is necessary to grow and thrive."

Breanna Craft, Meriden, CT 



Gilda gave me confidence

I just want to tell you that my speech last night went well. I felt more confident this year

than last year. Last year this event took over my life for two weeks; I couldn't sleep at night

because I was so worried. This year, I was worried, but not out of control. Everybody liked

my speech! Your private session helped me a lot and gave me confidence. I never thought

that I would get better at speaking in public, but as you said - it doesn't have to be a nightmare,

and it really doesn't. Thank you.”
Kristina Lewis, YMCA

Clear, funny and a great listener

“Thank you for being so clear, open, funny and a wonderful listener. When you made

your points on improvement, they were very thought-out and easy to receive.”

Sandy Progano, MediaCom, Inc


After using Gilda's techniques, I now look forward to networking events

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you, and to let you know how helpful the “How to Schmooze” workshop was for me. It has completely changed how I approach networking events. Rather than spending most of the time speaking to people I already know, or standing in the corner of the room looking at my phone, I now feel comfortable and confident in approaching people and making new contacts. In fact, after using your techniques at a number of events, I can now honestly say that I look forward to networking events, rather than dreading them.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Aleksandr Y. Troyb, Esq., The Troyb Law Firm LLC 



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