Judith Giangoia, Private Banker, Vice President, Wells Fargo Private Bank, New York

Gilda helped me convert prospects into clients

“After just a few sessions together, Gilda pointed me in the right direction. She uncovered some bad habits and replaced them with new and effective ones that today are helping me to convert prospect in to clients. Gilda has helped me to organize my thoughts and plan out my presentations so that I am better prepared and more confident. I am grateful to Gilda and for the help she has given me to become a more effective salesperson.”

Joe Ort, Director of Sales Operations, Sirius Decisions

With Gilda, you will see results

"Gilda was a great resource in developing my presentation skills. She simplifies things so that they can easily be remembered and implemented. Not only that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. If you are looking for an organized, honest coach, look no further. You will see results!

Angela Whitford

After working with Gilda, I know how to design and deliver a presentation

"As a seasoned executive, I have given many presentations but I knew I needed help in refining my message to make it more strategic and delivering it with confidence. Gilda walked me through a clear, easy-to-follow process for creating and practicing a presentation. After working with Gilda, I know how to design and confidently deliver a presentation that connects with the audience and communicates my message, whether I am speaking at award presentations, soliciting contributions from corporate donors or providing education to my team. I highly recommend her.”

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  • Imagine communicating and having people listen to you, understand your message and remember you
  • Imagine making a presentation and not worrying that you are boring and confusing your audience
  • Imagine walking into a room and having the ability to communicate your strategic vision, ideas and expertise to others
Gilda’s customized, one-on-one executive communication skills coaching (in-person or virtually) can help you achieve those results.

Learn how to:

  • Demonstrate executive presence

  • Demonstrate your expertise & establish credibility

  • Create and customize a strategic message

  • Speak with confidence

  • Communicate your strategy and vision

  • Engage your audience

  • Use non-verbal communications (body language)  to strengthen your message

  • Polish your delivery

  • Handle Q&A without getting flustered or going off-track

  • Speak extemporaneously

  • Stop “winging it” your communication

  • Take your skills to the next level

Executive Communication & Presentation Skills Coaching

Why work with Gilda as your coach?
  • Based on Experience: Gilda has worked globally with clients from a variety of backgrounds, industries and organizations, including Wells Fargo, Expedia, IBM and Assa Abloy

  • Customized for You: tailored around your strengths, your organization’s communication culture, your audience’s needs/ preferences and the communication medium

  • Focused on Today’s Business Realities: which require communication in both in-person and virtual environments (Gilda’s own YouTube videos have received over 1 million views) 

  • Constructive Feedback: concrete and actionable so you accelerate your development and improve faster

  • Supportive Environment: in which you can learn, practice and step out of your comfort zone, which is easier than working in isolation

  • Practical Tools: that yield results instead of theoretical ideas that you have to figure out how to implement

  • Proven Process: for deliberate practice and preparation instead of taking random steps and hoping you’re successful

  • Presentations from A to Z: covering everything from communication strategy and content to delivery for client presentations, board meetings, governmental hearings, press conferences, organizational town halls, etc.  

Who can benefit from Gilda's Communication & Presentation Skills Coaching?
  • Successful professionals who wants to take their communication and presentations from good to great, including entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals and executives in a variety of industries in corporate, non-profit, academia and government.


Gilda has an established track record of one-on-one coaching partnerships with employees at all levels of an organization to help them communicate more effectively and create and deliver more powerful and engaging presentations so they get results.

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Executive Communication & Presentation Skills Coaching