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Training Programs 

Customized, practical workshops & programs in communication, presentation, leadership and team skills to develop strong leaders, high-performing teams and excellent frontline staff. 

Executives value her global experience, real-life examples and focus on achieving business results while participants appreciate her engaging, interactive style and use of hands-on exercises that make the training relevant, effective and memorable.  

All of Gilda’s sessions are created in collaboration with you and based on the needs and background of your specific audience, from salespeople to customer service, management to frontline staff.  

Program length can be anywhere from 2 hours to multiple days, depending on the topic and your audience/time frame.  All sessions can be delivered to a group audience or through one-on-one or small group coaching.  All programs can be offered in-person, virtually or to a hybrid audience.

Training in Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Team Skills & Leadership
Presentation Skills Training

Being knowledgeable about a topic is not enough.  You have to be able to communicate that knowledge effectively to any audience, whether you are presenting to the board of directors, potential clients or industry colleagues. In order to have the audience listen to you and take your ideas seriously, you have to present the right amount of information, with clear and focused organization, delivered in a credible and engaging manner.  

Skills covered include how to:

• Speak with confidence

• Engage your audience

• Create a strategic message for your presentation for this specific audience

• Use non-verbal communications (body language) to strengthen your message

• Stay within the time limit

• Eliminate ums, ahs and filler words

• Use PowerPoint® effectively

• Speak extemporaneously

• How to practice

• Handle audience questions without getting flustered or going off-track

• Incorporate stories into your presentations

• Overcome any anxiety you have about public speaking

Presentation Skills  Training can be offered with any of the following focus areas:

• Bold Presentation Skills

• Executive Presentation Skills

• Winning Sales Presentations

• Maximize Your Executive Presence

• How to Develop and Deliver Effective Presentations Over the Phone

Communications Skills Training

(for staff/individual contributors and/or managers)

Communication skills are crucial to individual and organizational success. Miscommunication leads to mistakes, missed goals, frustration and the inability to achieve your goals.  Whether you communicate internally (with colleagues, direct reports and managers) or externally (with external customers, suppliers and partners), you have to build relationships based on trust and authenticity. 

Communication Skills Training can include any of the following programs:

• Active Listening

• Giving and Receiving Feedback

• Coaching for Performance Development and Improvement (for managers)

• Coaching for Critical Conversations (for managers)

• How to Network for Professional Success

• How to Delegate Work

• Cross-Cultural Communications

• Delivering Winning Customer Service

• Sales Excellence Training

• Develop and Communicate a Strong Personal Brand

Team Skills Training

(for team members and/or team leaders)

Today’s organizations rely heavily on formal and informal teams to innovate, solve problems, deliver results and compete in an ever-changing market.  To create high-performing teams, managers need to set clear expectations for processes and results and team members need to understand their roles.  Communication at all levels is key and everyone has to capitalize on individual strengths for total team performance.  


Skills covered include how to:

• Create high-performance teams

• Match individual strengths with team roles

• Build team unity

• Shorten project cycle time

• Reduce conflict

• Manage projects, meetings and time

• Foster creative problem-solving

Team Skills Training can include any of the following programs:

• Creating High-Performing Teams

• Change Management: Communicating and Managing Change/Transformation With Integrity, Imagination and Flexibility

• Leading Effective In-person and Virtual Team Meetings

• Innovation and Brainstorming

• Getting Results Without Direct Authority

• Project Management


Gilda is an authorized partner of Everything DiSC® (a Wiley Brand) which provides a self-assessment and research-validated model that helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy, and money.   The classroom training includes a report with the results of your online self-assessment and rich, compelling narration that adds depth to the data, contemporary videos to illuminate key messages and a personalized learning experience.  

Everything DiSC® helps you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles and:

• Provides a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together

• Acts as a springboard for conversation and team building

• Improves employee and workplace communication

• Helps you to understand people who aren’t like you... or are too much like you

• Reduces conflict and avoids misunderstandings

Everything DiSC can include any of the 5 following programs, each with a DiSC-based assessment:

• Everything DiSC Workplace®

• Everything DiSC Management®

• Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

• Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders®

• Everything DiSC Sales®

Everything DiSC can also be added to any Communication/Team/Presentation Skills Training programs

See what Gilda's clients have said about the benefits of working with her

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Aleksandr Y. Troyb, Esq.


Benjamin, Gold & Troyb

After using Gilda's techniques, I now look forward to networking events

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you, and to let you know how helpful the “How to Schmooze” workshop was for me. It has completely changed how I approach networking events. Rather than spending most of the time speaking to people I already know, or standing in the corner of the room looking at my phone, I now feel comfortable and confident in approaching people and making new contacts. In fact, after using your techniques at a number of events, I can now honestly say that I look forward to networking events, rather than dreading them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Linda Doherty

Human Resource Manager


Gilda is an excellent resource for our employee skill building and development

"Gilda is an excellent resource for our employee skill building and development. We first partnered with her to teach our team how to develop and deliver more effective, clear and concise presentations. The results were so good that we brought her back to do more presentation skills training with another group of employees and also our finance team which was preparing to present overseas to International customers and colleagues.

Patricia Russo

Executive Director

The Campaign School at Yale

Everyone raved about Gilda so we had to bring her back for more

"Gilda presented "Finding Your Voice, Making it Matter" for our training for women considering running for office or managing political campaigns.  She shared practical, invaluable suggestions about improving their communication and presentation skills that helped them to create and deliver a clear, concise and compelling message.   The students raved about her so much that we had to bring her back for future workshops. She is so FABULOUS and we are SO lucky to have her as a beloved member of our CSYale faculty!"

Nichole Petersen

2019-2020 President

Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)

Highly recommend Gilda as speaker & facilitator

“Gilda Bonanno is a class act! I’ve had the pleasure of working with her through the Society for Marketing Professional Services, CT Chapter since 2017. Over the years Gilda has helped our Chapter in a variety of ways. She has facilitated an interactive and informative, in-person networking workshop, and provided one-on-one presentation coaching to the presenters of our ‘MAX Talks’ program series. More recently, Gilda facilitated a webinar for our Chapter on the topic of Virtual Short List Interviewing. All of Gilda’s programs are well attended and well received. Our members and attendees always leave her sessions with tangible tips and tools to increase their professional communication styles and to help propel their firms to achieve greatness. Gilda is always prepared, professional, kind and engaging. Aside from being easy to work with she is also fun to work with. You can count on her, her expertise and her brand! I highly recommend Gilda Bonanno for your organization’s next keynote speaker or facilitator.”

April Buther Wennerstrom


Keep America Beautiful

Amazing speaker & facilitator

"Two words: “Ah-mazing.” Gilda has served as a speaker and facilitator for Keep America Beautiful and provided multiple training opportunities at our annual National Conference and during our Affiliate Webinar Series. Working with her has been a remarkable experience and her support of our professional training and best practice educational series has been flawless. I feel like Gilda is a partner and her understanding in helping us achieve our goals is valued. From the hours of preplanning work to the conclusion of our multiple events, Gilda was engaging, thoughtful and helped us manage our affiliate needs impeccably. Her professional and amiable personality and rapport kept our attendees interested and engaged, and her comprehensive understanding of nonprofits and business practices resonate with the diverse audience of Keep America Beautiful Affiliates.  I enjoy working with Gilda and have made the commitment to do so again. I can hardly wait to start working together for our next opportunity."

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