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Keynote Speeches & Programs

Gilda is an in-demand, high impact keynote and breakout session speaker on communication and leadership topics for in-person, virtual and hybrid audiences at organizations, professional associations and industry conferences.
Gilda helps audience members achieve better results and more confidence, influence and success through enhanced skills, improved mindset and greater alignment with business objectives.
Make your meeting or conference more successful, memorable, results-focused and fun!

Presentation Skills: From Surviving to Thriving

Most people are not born with excellent presentation skills.  Like any other skills, presentation skills can be learned and improved. 


Gilda will provide best practices for improving your presentation skills so you can become comfortable and confident giving presentations, whether you are introducing yourself at networking events, speaking to clients/customers, managing team meetings or sharing your expertise at industry association meetings.


  • How to develop and communicate self-confidence

  • Use powerful, engaging body language to connect to your audience and convey your content

  • How to practice

  • Create and practice relevant and memorable content (stories, product demos, etc.) in order to stand out and build your unique brand
  • Make content and delivery adjustments for virtual presentations

Developing Executive Presence: Confidence, Competence and Composure

Great leaders are made, not born. In order to be successful as a leader, you have to know what you're talking about and come across as credible,demonstrate confidence without being perceived as cocky and maintain your self-control, especially under pressure. Whether you are setting strategic direction, managing change or leading people, you will achieve your goals if you can calmly and confidently tap into your knowledge and communicate clearly.


  • Learn how to communicate like a leader and be authentic, engaging and focused

  • Prevent your non-verbal communication from undermining your message

  • Demonstrate your expertise and establish credibility

  • Discover how to react quickly and effectively to the unexpected​

Schmoozing in the Time of Corona: How to Network in a Virtual, In-Person & Hybrid World

Are your in-person networking skills a bit rusty? Trying to figure out how to network without leaving the house?


Whether you're ready to go back to fully in-person events or are still connecting in a virtual world, networking is a key ingredient of your professional success.  Join us for this helpful and interactive session to learn how to polish your schmoozing and networking skills for everything from Zoom calls to in-person events and everything in between.


  • Learn how to make schmoozing/networking work for you to build a consistent and clear brand, whether you meet people in person or only "see" them on screen

  • Get comfortable handling the "elephant in the room" topic (COVID) when you're meeting new people

  • Create a workable process for networking, from planning through following up

  • Develop a clear statement of what you want to share about yourself with this particular group or person

  • Prevent your in-person, over the phone or on-camera body language from undermining your executive presence

Virtual Communications: Best Practices for Virtual Meetings & Presentations

The use of virtual meetings and presentations, accelerated by COVID-19, is here to stay. Virtual communications accommodate geographically dispersed teams that can’t always meet in person and allow you to hold events with participants from remote areas.


Although the goals for virtual communications remain the same, the details of how you plan and execute virtual meetings and presentations are different than for those that are in-person. This session will provide a roadmap and strategies to help you transition to effective virtual communications, so you can build connections, boost your brand and improve the reach of your company.


Strategy 

  • Defining the purpose of your meeting/presentation (both internal and external)

  • How to choose the right medium for your message: video, phone, email, etc.


Effective Use of Technology 

  • Tips to set the stage and look professional – lighting, camera, mic, background, etc.

  • Testing the technology and developing “Plan B”


Content & Delivery Adjustments for Video 

  • Optimizing your content for the virtual environment 

  • Best practices for being more dynamic and keeping the virtual audience engaged

  • Guidelines for team preparation to create smooth speaker/topic transitions

Retrain Your Brain: A New Approach to Leadership Development 

Do you want to get the edge in today's changing business environment? In order to be competitive and thrive as a leader, you have to change the way you operate so you can effectively adapt to change, whether external (the market, customer base or regulations) or internal (systems, organization, employee needs). 


In this interactive session, you will focus on how to sharpen your leadership skills using the lens of improv - learning core improv principles such as being present, listening and "yes and," while exploring how these concepts can be applied to your leadership and communications. The result is new skills and behaviors that can be immediately utilized in the workplace.

Benefits: Learn how to apply the principles of improv comedy to develop your leadership skills so you can:

  • React quickly and effectively to change

  • Be a more effective leader by breaking patterns and changing how you think

  • Be fully present and build collaboration and team support

  • Boost your confidence 

Connect With Confidence 

For all the opportunities you have to connect with others, whether through networking, presentations or meetings, confidence is crucial to your success.  In order to have people listen to you and take your ideas seriously, you have to present the right amount of information, with clear and focused organization, delivered in a credible and engaging manner.


  • Develop and demonstrate self-confidence

  • Express your message clearly and concisely

  • Use powerful body language (voice, gestures, movement, eye contact) to engage your audience 

How Will You Spend Your 28,000 Days?

Don't wait for a life-changing crisis to create the life and career that fulfills you most. In this motivating session, illustrated by Gilda's experience of being in the path of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, you'll gain a vivid understanding of the importance of priorities in life and work.


  • Being challenged to consider how you choose to spend time

  • Understanding how to break out of your comfort zone

  • Focusing on important priorities in life and work

  • Avoiding career burnout by recommitting to your career or making a change

After this talk, you won't want to spend another thousand of your estimated 28,000 lifespan days complaining and making yourself and others around you miserable -- and you'll be on your way to making important changes happen so you can live a more inspired life. 

Why hire Gilda to speak at your event?


  • Customized Content: All of Gilda’s programs are created in collaboration with you and based on your needs and the background of your audience, from executives to entrepreneurs, salespeople to association members.  

  • Applicable to Varied Audiences:  Gilda’s engaging and impactful speeches have captivated, informed and motivated audiences large and small at companies, professional associations, academic institutions and non-profits, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, The Hartford, University of Kentucky Healthcare, Wells Fargo, Women in Cable Television and Yale.

  • Format: Length is usually 1 hour for keynotes or concurrent/breakout sessions, but can be longer or shorter depending on your time frame and can include audience Q&A. Programs can also be expanded to become longer workshops and can also be offered remotely via webinar, streaming video or teleconference.

Email Gilda or call 203-979-5117 to inquire about Gilda's availability or if you'd like her to serve as your Event Emcee, Panel Moderator or Meeting Facilitator.

To see Gilda in action, check out the videos on her YouTube channel (with over 1.5 million views!) including: 

Powerful Presentation Skills: Use Non-Verbals Effectively

Success Inspiration Speaker: In the Path of the 2004 Tsunami


How to Introduce Yourself Quickly (over 1 million views!)








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