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7 Things to Know to Present Like a Pro
Audio MP3 Recording & Written PDF Transcript


Learn how to give a presentation with confidence and ease in any situation, whether you are presenting to the Board of Directors, the media, a group of potential customers, your project team or your peers at a conference.


Learn successful presentation skills techniques so you can become more comfortable with public speaking and build on that  foundation to be even more powerful, engaging and confident. 

In this 50-minute recorded teleclass, you learn:

• How to connect with any audience by figuring out what's important to them

• How to organize and focus your material around a single message

• Why confidence is key to your success - and how to develop and demonstrate it

• How to use your body language  to support what you're saying

• Why how and where you practice your presentation is crucial to your success

• How to decide whether or not to use slides - and how to create effective, easy-to-read slides 


Get answers to frequently-asked questions, such as:

• How do I overcome my fear of public speaking?

• What should I do with my hands while I'm presenting?

• How do I eliminate ums and ahs?

• How do I handle presenting on a conference call?

After absorbing Seven Things to Know to Present Like a Pro, you have the confidence and knowledge to handle any presentation with ease so you communicate your expertise, engage your audience and have them remember your message.

Available as a written transcript, audio MP3 recording or both.

Valuable information that I can use to improve my own work

"7 Things to Know to Present Like a Pro is a great teleconference with many useful tips that are immediately applicable. You provide a lot of value for the listener to improve his or her next speech. I especially liked the tips on replacing fear with a mantra. I had never heard it before. Even though I have been studying public speaking for a number of years, I still received valuable information from this product that I can put to use to improve my own work."

Laurent Duperval, Duperval Consulting, Inc.

$39.95 Audio MP3 Recording of the Teleclass



$39.95 Lightly-edited 18-page Written Transcript in PDF Format

$49.95 BOTH the Written Transcript And the Audio MP3


You do not need a PayPal account to pay online

(As soon as you purchase this product, you will receive the link to download the file)

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product anytime within the year, simply let me know and you will receive a full refund. 

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