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8 Tips for Handling Radio Interviews Like a Pro

Gilda Bonanno

8 Tips for Handling Radio Interviews Like a Pro

A coaching client recently landed a radio interview. After we got done celebrating, here are the 8 tips that I shared that will help her handle the interview like a pro:

1.Be clear about the parameters of the radio program – length, format (interview/call-in), demographics of audience, etc.

2.If the host doesn't ask you for a list of questions, then provide one with the introduction, "here are the questions that I'm usually asked" or "here are the questions that I can talk about readily that could be interesting for your listeners."

3.Think of the interview as a conversation with 1 person – the host (or if it's a call-in show, the person who is asking you the question).

4.Get to know the host. Look him or her up on Google and social media and look for interesting backgrounds or things you have in common that you can reference during the interview. Also listen to past interviews he or she has conducted to learn their interview patterns and their favorite questions.

5.Prepare. Do a dry run or dress rehearsal, especially if this is your first radio interview. Practice how will you answer a question in 30 seconds or summarize your business or product in 1 minute…. Most rookie interviewees go on too long and don't speak in clear, short sentences. If you're going to call into the program from your home or office, prepare your space so you can easily access your notes and anything you might need (water, tea, cough drops) and ensure you don't have interruptions.

6.Your voice matters. On the radio, your voice is the only part of body language/non-verbal communication that you have, so make it work for you. Speak loudly and clearly. Standing up while speaking can help you keep your energy up and having a mirror in front of you can remind you to smile.

7.Think beyond just one interview. Come up with ways you can leverage the interview either before or after – for example, write a press release, link to the interview or upload the audio file (or short clips) to your website or social media, etc.

Gilda Bonanno is a speaker, trainer and coach who helps people from all walks of life improve their communication and presentation skills.
Copyright (c) 2011

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