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Schmoozing Made Easy
Audio MP3 Recording & Written PDF Transcript


In this 1-hour teleclass, learn the essentials of schmoozing (informal business conversation)  and networking.  Gilda explains  the networking best practices to use so you can schmooze with ease in any situation, whether you are searching for a new job, looking for more clients, or making professional contacts in your field. 


Learn successful networking skills,  whether you are one of the many people  who shy away from networking  and want to become more comfortable with it - or one of the few who already feel comfortable talking to strangers and want to build on that foundation to create more effective business relationships.

In this 1-hour recorded teleclass, you learn: 

• Why self-confidence is the most important element in networking

• The 3-step networking process

• How to start a conversation

• Why you should listen more than you talk

• When staying home instead of attending a networking event may be the best option

• Why networking is not over when the event is finished

Get answers to frequently-asked questions, such as:

• How do I break into a conversation, if I don't know anyone in the room?

• What do I say after I introduce myself?

• How much time should I spend talking to each person?

• What should I do to get out of a conversation?


After absorbing Schmoozing Made Easy, you have the confidence and knowledge to handle the logistics and interactions of a networking event so you make a positive impression, make new contacts and be remembered for the right reasons.

Available as a written transcript, audio recording or both.


After using Gilda's techniques, I now look forward to networking events

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you, and to let you know how helpful the “How to Schmooze” workshop was for me.  It has completely changed how I approach networking events.  Rather than spending most of the time speaking to people I already know, or standing in the corner of the room looking at my phone, I now feel comfortable and confident in approaching people and making new contacts.  In fact, after using your techniques at a number of events, I can now honestly say that I look forward to networking events, rather than dreading them.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Aleksandr Y. Troyb, Esq, The Troyb Law Firm


Interviewing Skills Made Easy: How to Prepare for and Ace a Job Interview

Teleclass Written Transcript


Learn successful interviewing skills, so you can present yourself with confidence and feel comfortable in any job interview.  In this 8-page transcript from one of her workshops, Gilda outlines the essentials of interviewing, including how to prepare a clear message about who you are, how to handle phone screens and panel interviews and how to make sure your body language matches what you're saying.


In Interviewing Skills Made Easy, you learn: 

• How you can sabotage your own success before you even shake hands (I've seen this happen too many times)

• Why it's up to you, not the interviewer, to connect your experience and background to the job - and how to do it 

•Why your non-verbal body language can make or break your success in an interview

• How to  prepare for 80-90% of the questions you will be asked (yes, you can anticipate them!)

• What to do when someone calls for a phone interview when you're at the doctor's office, in the grocery store or driving in your car 

• Whether you should write a thank you note or email one (you might be surprised by my answer)

• Should you badmouth a past employer, even if they deserve it? Find out

Interviewing Skills Made Easy is yours FREE as a bonus when you purchase Schmoozing Made Easy


$39.95  Audio MP3 Recording of the Schmoozing Made Easy

Teleclass - and Interviewing Skills Made Easy free bonus!

$39.95 Lightly-edited 20-page Schmoozing Made Easy

Written Transcript in PDF Format - and Interviewing

Skills Made Easy free bonus!



$49.95 BOTH the Written Transcript And the Audio MP3 Recording for Schmoozing Made Easy  - 

and Interviewing Skills Made Easy free bonus!




 You do not need a PayPal account to pay online. 

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Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product anytime within the year, simply let me know and you will receive a full refund.

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